Introduction of myself....



I'm Marian van der Werf, born in Amsterdam, autodidact.

From an early age I was always full of creative ideas .... (drawing, clay work, restoration of furniture, etc.)

but the
art school was unattainable for me because of the lack of any mathematical knowledge (required)

I've taught myself the capability of drawing and painting. Later in life I took drawing lessons at

(Twentse Academy of Amateur Artists) in Hengelo for 2 years where the character of my abilities became


Humans and animals are an important part of my work that, given to my perfectionist nature, often are shown

. Lately I experiment more freehand with the topics in a more surreal way, often displayed with a wink.

Recurring topics are frogs, butterflies and voluptuous ladies.

I hope you'll enjoy watching my paintings as much as I did when making them!